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Municipal election results

Official result for each municipal election since 1996, including results for the Olympic plebiscite (2003) and City’s electoral system reform plebiscite (2004).

Data Access

This dataset has not yet been converted to a format compatible with our new platform. The data table provided contains links to access the files from our legacy site.

Dataset schema (Attributes)

Links to pages describing the attributes are included in the data table.

Data currency

Before 4 p.m. on the fourth day following the close of General Voting, the Chief Election Officer must declare the official results of the election. This data set is a reflection of official results, and includes a breakdown of results by voting place.

Data accuracy

These are official and accurate results.

Note: Some attribute names and calculation methods may change from election to election and are not directly comparable over time. Please consult corresponding attribute description for details.

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