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Anonymous ballot marking

​Anonymous ballot markings of each ballot cast in the 2017 by-election and 2018 election.

Data access

This dataset has not yet been converted to a format compatible with our new platform. The data table provided contains links to access the files from our legacy site.

Dataset schema (Attributes)

The schema for each election is described in a page linked to in the data table.

Data currency

​The City of Vancouver uses ballot tabulating machines to tabulate election results. These machines count ballot markings on the ballot to derive election results.

Data accuracy

These are the official ballot markings.

The 2018 Vancouver election had a large number of candidates (158), resulting in a longer than usual ballot which caused paper jams in the vote counting machines at some locations. The City completed a verification process which included recounting approximately 57,000 ballots from 50 voting places. These voting places were selected based on:

  • Whether the voting place experienced a delay on voting day
  • The number of ballots that jammed in the machines
  • Whether there were discrepancies in the records kept by the Presiding Election Officials

As a result of this significant review, there were minor vote differences between the preliminary results and the recount at 39 locations. The minor vote changes did not change the final election standings and are included in the final election results file. At these 39 locations, there were 164 ballots that were not able to be fed through the machine due to minor paper tears or other wear from being verified by the tabulators. These ballots were counted manually and the votes were manually added to the final results file prior to the final results being published.

The count of under votes and over votes on the manually counted ballots during the verification process was not added, however, to the count of over votes and under votes on the final election results file. All other locations are automatically tallied by the ballot tabulating machine for those ballots read by the machine. As a result, there are 34 locations (a total of 164 ballots) where the under vote and over vote count in the final results file will not be the same when compared to the anonymous ballot data.

Note: any races that were over voted on a ballot will show all zeros.

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