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Subdivision category areas

This dataset contains subdivision categories that apply to these single family zones, namely RS-1, RS-3, RS-3A, RS-5, and RS-6 zoning districts.

Subdivision is the division of land into two or more parcels. It can also include a plan to consolidate two or more parcels into a single site, the adjustment of an existing property line, the dedication of land for road or lane purposes, and volumetric subdivisions to create air space parcels

​Vancouver City Council approves the bylaws that regulate subdivision of land in Vancouver. The Subdivision Bylaw regulates the width, area and configuration of the proposed parcels. This is to ensure that subsequent development can occur compatibly with that of surrounding parcels. The Subdivision Bylaw also sets standards for services required for a parcel of land, including the layout, design of streets and lanes, water supply, sanitary and storm sewerage systems and other utility services.  Size categories for minimum width and area for most zoning districts in the City are listed in Tables 1 and 2 of Schedule A of Subdivision Bylaw (No. 5208).  In addition, there are seven categories of minimum parcel width and area for subdivisions that apply specifically to the RS-1, RS-3, RS-3A, RS-5, and RS-6 Zoning Districts. Categories range from 30 feet in width and 3,000 square feet in area, up to 150 feet in width and 18,000 square feet in area, and can vary on a block to block basis. The differing requirements for these areas are identified by the displayed categories.

Data currency

The extract for this dataset is updated weekly. There may be no change in data content from one week to the next because there is no change in source data. Priorities and resources will also determine how fast a change in reality is reflected in the database.

Data accuracy

These areas generally follow street centrelines and should therefore be accurate for determining whether a parcel is impacted.

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