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Rental standards - current issues

This dataset contains data of licenced rental properties with 5 or more units that have current (unresolved) by-law issues. These issues related to the enforcement of the following City of Vancouver by-laws:

  • Building Bylaw
  • Electrical Bylaw
  • Gas Fitting Bylaw
  • Plumbing Services (Building Bylaw - Part 7)
  • Sewer and Watercourse Bylaw
  • Sign Bylaw
  • Standards of Maintenance Bylaw
  • Tree Protection Bylaw
  • Untidy Premise Bylaw
  • Zoning & Development Bylaw

Data currency

The extract on this website is updated daily.

Note: data for rental standards comes from a number of City systems - there is a delay of 48 hours between when most data is updated in its home system and the publication to the Rental Standards database and Open Data feed.

Data accuracy

Data for the Rental Standards database is amalgamated from a number of systems. It is possible that some information may not be shown because of data synchronization issues or data quality issues in any one of the source systems.

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