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Property tax report 2016-2019

​This dataset contains information on properties from BC Assessment (BCA) and City sources from 2016 to 2019.

To limit the size of individual datasets, we segmented the property tax data into multiple datasets.  See ​other property tax datasets​ for data since 2006


  • Tax coordinates and particularly the legal description information should not be viewed as definitive or legal.
  • For zoning data information please consult the City's zoning pages.
  • Zoning data is not available in historical property tax data sets.
  • Values for the "previous improvement value" and "previous land value" columns are not available for the 2006-2013 reports. 

Data currency

The data for past years is static

Data accuracy

​Accuracy is dependent on the matching of records between multiple agencies including non-City sources.

Websites for further information

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