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Parking tickets 2010-2013

The City of Vancouver regulates parking to balance the needs of residents, commuters, and visitors.

​This dataset includes parking ticket records data from year 2010 to 2013

Note: Ticket issued location information was aggregated to 100-block unit level.

Data access

​Year 2010 data was extracted from a legacy software platform and its format is not compatible with our new platform. This link provides access to the file from our legacy site:

​​​Dataset schema (Attributes) for Year 2010
  • Hundred_Block: Block level of the street where the infraction occurred. For example: 1 Main Street means 100 Main Street.
  • Street: Name of the street where the infraction occurred
  • Date: Date the infraction occurred in month/day/year format
  • Bylaw: Specific parking bylaw which the parking ticket was issued under
  • Section: Specific section of the bylaw which the infraction pertains
  • Status: Status of the parking ticket
    • I = Issued
    • W = Warning
    • V = Void
    • ​R = Cancelled due to Paid by Phone​
  • Description: Short description of the infraction​


Effective April 30, 2018, data files starting from year 2011 have been updated to reflect change in new software platform.​

Data currency

The data for past years is static.

Data accuracy

There is no known error.

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