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Development Cost Levy (DCL) areas

Development Cost Levies (DCLs) are fees collected from new development requiring a Building Permit. DCLs help pay for new infrastructure and facilities (e.g., parks, daycare, housing, engineering works) needed to service new development. There are eight DCL By-law districts including a Vancouver DCL By-law which applies to the entire city. Excluded from the Vancouver DCL area are seven area-specific DCL by-law areas as well as eight other areas from which the City has secured public benefits. For more information on DCLs see Information Bulletin No. 1 (pdf)

Data currency

The extract for this dataset is updated weekly. There may be no change in data content from one week to the next because there is no change in source data. Priorities and resources will also determine how fast a change in reality is reflected in the database. Development decisions should be based on the City's current Bylaws.

Data accuracy

This data has not been entered with survey accuracy.

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