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Council voting records

The posting of voting records for City of Vancouver Council members is part of the City's ongoing commitment to open, transparent and proactive disclosure of data. In 2016, City Council began using an electronic voting system which has enabled the City to capture individual Council member vote records for Council, Special Council, Standing Committee, and Public Hearing meeting types.

Note: Please consult corresponding meeting minutes for official vote records.

Data currency

The voting records extract is updated following Council, Special Council, Standing Committee, and Public Hearing meetings. The most recent data will be available within two business days of the meeting minutes being published.

Note: Following complex meetings with a large number of agenda items, data release may be delayed by several business days.

Note: On November 26, 2019, Council approved the changes to the Procedure By-law included updating the meeting name of Regular Council to Council in effort to modernize the name and make it more meaningful to citizens.

Data accuracy

  • Erroneous and test votes are not included in the data sets, therefore vote numbers will not appear in sequence.
  • Consent agenda item votes are recorded after the meeting and will therefore not appear in sequence.

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