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Business licences

Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. A business licence can be obtained from the City's Licence Office and is valid for the remainder of the calendar year unless stated otherwise.

This dataset includes business licence records from 2013 to current year. See separate dataset, Business licences 1997 to 2012 for earlier records.


Effective April 12, 2018, the business license dataset, including historical data files from 1997 forward to the current year, has been updated for home-based businesses. The City has removed the business address from the home-based business license category.

Data currency

The extract for business licences of the current year is updated daily.

The extracts for business licences of prior years are static with the exception of the immediate past 2 years, which are updated monthly.

Data accuracy

There is a small chance that a licence number has been used twice. Licence RSN is an unique identifier.

Business licences issued to out of town (outside of City of Vancouver) addresses do not have coordinates and will not show up on the map. Not all City of Vancouver addresses have coordinates.

A small percentage of businesses are issued with a replacement licence in a displayed year due to changes or when business type names were retired during mid-year.

Address data of some selected business types was not disclosed to provide privacy protection.

Liquor License Application business type does not have Issued Date or Expired Date information because it is interim application for a valid business licence.

There may be some loss of quality from data entry errors.

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