3-1-1 interaction volume

Interactions refer to the type and volume of inquiries and requests for service that come into the Contact Centre via many channels. (Note: Caller may have more than one inquiry during a call.)

Data access

Dataset schema (Attributes)

  • Department: Name of an organization unit at the City of Vancouver
  • Division: The group within a department at the City of Vancouver responsible for the call
  • Call_Type: Specific type of interaction that relates to a division
  • Channel: Identifies how the inquiry or request came into 3-1-1

Note: Department, Division or Call Types beginning with ZZ – OLD refers to obsolete types used in the past. Generally, another call type within the same division, or another division within the same department replaced the obsolete type.


The 3-1-1 case management system started collecting interaction data on February 16, 2009.

Data currency

The extract on this website is updated monthly.

Data accuracy

Data is electronically extracted from the 3-1-1 case management system.

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