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3-1-1 case location details

Case data is a subset of the interactions dataset and refers only to those call types that generate a service request to a department.

This dataset contains additional location information such as the block range where service was requested and the local area corresponding to the case (incident) location.

This dataset is extracted electronically from the 3-1-1 case management system.

Data access

This dataset has not yet been converted to a format compatible with our new platform. The data table provided contains links to access the files (each a zipped set of csv or xls files) from our legacy site.

Dataset schema (Attributes)

Please see the 3-1-1 case location details attributes page.


  • When reviewing case location data spatially, consideration should be given to the City’s urban attributes such as vegetation density, population density, age of infrastructure asset, area specific bylaws, etc. Some case types are associated with city locations.
  • The 3-1-1 case management system started collecting case data on June 1, 2009.

Data currency

The extract on this website is updated monthly.

Data accuracy

This dataset includes approximately 80% of case types which has a case location, taken by 3-1-1.

The case (incident) location is provided by the requestor and may not be the actual location where service was rendered.

The case type is as determined by 3-1-1 based on information provided by the requestor. The service actually rendered may be different from that originally requested. When the case type differs significantly, the original case may be closed and a new case may be initiated.

Testing in production may result in test cases included in this dataset. The number of test cases is statistically insignificant when compared to the total number of cases in the dataset.

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