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2019-2022 Capital Plan and 2021 Budget and funding

​This dataset includes details of the 2019-2022 Capital Plan followed by the 2021 Capital Budget for various service categories. The Capital Plan component comprises of the recalibrated capital plan, approved changes till date and the changes resulting from the 2021 Capital Budget, and the 2021 Capital Budget component breaks down the draft 2021 Capital Budget allocations by funding sources.


​The 2021 capital budget proposed changes to the capital plan and 2021 proposed capital budget allocations are subject to Council approval.

Data currency

​The dataset on this website reflects information as of the time when Draft 2021 capital budget is presented to the Council and the public. The 2019-2022 Capital Plan and yearly Capital Budget allocations evolve over time through the continuous capital budget processes to update the capital plan and capital budgets including quarterly capital budget adjustments and stand-alone council reporting. 

Data accuracy

There is no known error but there may be some loss of quality from data entry errors.

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